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Re: Ldm has stop receiving data product.

Hi Peter,

When did data stop?

I see:

(jweber) lenny:/home/jweber 80 % ldmping atm.geo.nsf.gov
Apr 07 18:20:59      State    Elapsed Port   Remote_Host
Apr 07 18:20:59 RESPONDING   0.294091  388   atm.geo.nsf.gov
Apr 07 18:21:24 RESPONDING   0.056267  388   atm.geo.nsf.gov

Please do a:

traceroute atm.geo.nsf.gov

from your LDM machine and send the output back to me..I suspect you may
not be on I2 and atm has been delegated to I2 sites only over the past


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On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, peter Msikela wrote:

> Hi Jeff,
> I have just found that our ldm at Howard University has stopped receiving
> data product from atm.geo I have.nsf.gov.It was receiving data product
> before but it has suddenly stop.
> I have tried the following :
>    1) i have check the upstream host with ldmping command and i got the
> following messages
>    2) In the case of message  NAMED above i  tried using the IP address of
> atm.geo.nsf.gov but got the same messages.
> Could you help me with that,
> Peter