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20050310: IDD top level relay atm.geo.nsf.gov PSU (cont.)

>From:  Jeff Weber <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords:  200503102200.j2AM0Lq2027557

Art (and Jeff),

re: I2 connection for atm.geo.nsf.gov
>Yes, the laser link for the I2 connection is indeed a weak link.

And we don't like the situation, but we find ourselves in the situation
of being "beggars".  The good news is that we routinely use 80 Mbps
of bandwidth through the NSF/ATM setup, and experience has shown it
to be relatively reliable.  As Jeff mentions below, we are pursuing
other options.

>At least it only goes out during times of inclement weather :)

Please understand that we do NOT like this situation.

>Please try feeding from:
>as a secondary PRIMARY feed with:
>remaining as your "first" (first request in your ldmd.conf)  PRIMARY,
>this should keep you alive in case of any future atm outages..

I was going to propose the same thing.

>Yes, we are looking for other top level relay nodes to supplement
>atm.geo.nsf.gov and are hoping to secure a ground line for I2 connections
>to atm as well.
>How do you and PSU feel about being a top level relay node?

For a top level relay to replace atm, it would need to be able to service
over 100 Mbps of bandwidth continuously.  If PSU is willing to provide this
service, we would happy beyond belief :-)

>I am sure Tom will chime in, he is skiing today and tomorrow..lucky man!

I will be able to write more if needed when I return home on Sunday.



>On Thu, 10 Mar 2005, Unidata Support wrote:
>> ------- Forwarded Message
>> >To: Unidata Support <address@hidden>
>> >From: "Arthur A. Person" <address@hidden>
>> >Subject: Re: 20050308: IDD top level relay atm.geo.nsf.gov unavailable
>> >Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>> >Keywords: 200503092003.j29K3kv2017860
>> Tom,
>> On Tue, 8 Mar 2005, Unidata Support wrote:
>> >> From: Unidata User Support <address@hidden>
>> >> Organization: Unidata Program Center/UCAR
>> >> Keywords: IDD atm.geo.nsf.gov
>> >
>> > IDD nodes feeding from atm.geo.nsf.gov:
>> >
>> > The Internet2 connectivity provided by a laser link at the NSF/ATM
>> > offices in Northern Virginia is not working due to heavy precipitation
>> > in the area.  Networking at NSF/ATM is configured to only allow LDM
>> > feed requests through its Internet2 connection (since their commodity
>> > Internet connection would be consumed by IDD traffic alone), so sites
>> > using atm.geo.nsf.gov as their primary feed site should failover to
>> > their backup(s) as soon as possible.  The toplevel IDD relay at
>> > Unidata, idd.unidata.ucar.edu, may be used as a failover site for all
>> > feeds if your other failover is not availables or is not receiving
>> > data.
>> >
>> > atm.geo.nsf.gov's Internet2 connectivity should return automatically as
>> > when the precipition in Northern Virginia abates enough for the laser
>> > link to begin functioning again.
>> This is just one more potentially recurrent problem making it hard to rely
>> on atm for reliable data distribution.  Is there still a move going on to
>> switch to a different east coast site for a data feed?  Last month you
>> mentioned PSU as a possibility, although I have not heard anything further
>> since then about us or any other potential site.  Would it be okay for us
>> to switch to idd.unidata.ucar.edu (or another source) until a more
>> reliable relay is found?
>>                                    Thanks.
>>                                      Art.
>> Arthur A. Person
>> Research Assistant, System Administrator
>> Penn State Department of Meteorology
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