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20050307: LDM status on papagayo (cont.)

>From: Clint Rowe <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Nebraska Geosciences
>Keywords: 200503070449.j274n2v2001291 IDD LDM pqcat

Morning Clint,

re: LDM queue size
>That's strange, because I know I increased the queue size to 2GB 

The upgrade to LDM 6.2.0 required that an new file ~ldm/etc/ldmadmin-pl.conf
be edited and $pq_size be set.  I honestly can't remember if I upgraded
papagayo to 6.2.0, so the failure to edit ldmadmin-pl.conf may be my
fault.  Regardless of who forgot to edit the file, the queue
size would not come into play until it was necessary to remake it.
This was the situation when the machine crashed and the queue got

>Even stranger, when I went to stop the pqcat, I first decided to stop
>the ldm.  When I did that, I noticed that the queue was begin built,
>apparently because the ldm startup script (in /etc/init.d) was being

Sorry.  I forgot that this would happen when you killed the pqcat 
invocation, so I forgot to warn you.

>I've stopped everything, rebuilt the queue and restarted.  Data
>are flowing (including NIMAGE).

Sounds good.

>I've copied Pete to let him know we're
>back up and to make sure he has me as the contact.

Ditto on sounding good.

>Why the machine rebooted is still unknown.


>PS by the way, I seem to be getting two copies of all the community
>announcements -- can you check to see if there is a second entry for
>me (the best one to use for me is address@hidden).

I found two entries in our allcommunity email list, address@hidden
and address@hidden.  Since composite lists like community
are created from other lists, and since I see that you are subscribed
to different lists using different email addresses (e.g., conduit as
address@hidden and others as address@hidden), the double mailing
will return unless all addresses are changed.  Given this, I have
just changed all of your list subscriptions to address@hidden (you owe
me one ;-).


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