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20050223: nexrad2 feed

>From:  Gerry Creager N5JXS <address@hidden>
>Organization:  Texas A&M University -- AATLT
>Keywords:  200502240404.j1O44lv2011293 IDD NEXRAD2

Hi Gerry,

>I had to change IP addresses last evening on most of the Mesonet stuff 
>while working thru a switch failure.

I saw the email about this earlier.

>WHY I had to readdress the network 
>is something occurring at Layers 9 & 10 of the iso stack.  I cranked up 
>a feed from unidata and atm.geo.nsf.gov for CRAFT tonight.  I'm not 
>getting authenticated at OU when I go there with LDM requesting 
>CRAFT/NEXRAD2.  Looks like the allow statement at OU is bound to the IP 
>address instead of the hostname...

No worries.  I see your connection to idd.unidata.ucar.edu.

>I'll tear down the offensive feed requests as soon as I can get data 
>from OU.  I'll be on the phone in the morning to them...

OK, sounds good.

>Thanks gerry



>From address@hidden  Thu Feb 24 06:01:54 2005

I'm hoping I didn't miss all the 
convective activity last night simply to *sleep*!  Looks like we're 
going to see stuff fire off the line of a stationary front most of the 
day, and I may get to look thru the back side of the storms at some 
decent "stuff" with our -88D-ish 10 cm radar!

Have fun!