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20050209: [Fwd: LDM Question]


Yes, the CONDUIT file name conventions are provided here:

However, the quetion you have below asks about the 12km grid #218 that isn't 
on CONDUIT at this time. A subset is available in the HDS feed in grib1 format
(until NWS removes this duplicate data in March/April per their ADMIN notice).
The 12km grids are availabel on the DVB-S Noaaport in GRIB2 format
(which we are putting into the NGRID) feed.

The fields between the "!" characters will give the parameter names
(per the wgrib convention) and can be used to select the UWVN and VWND
grids (as would the TTAAII (T2) field of the WMO header for Noaaport.

In the case the the ETA 12km grib2 grids on the tgftp server
in the ST.opnt directory, you will find that U & V are packed into
a single grib message. 

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

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>Is there a place that describes the headers/keys for the CONDUIT feed 
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>           Using the LDM, can I only get a couple fields(parameters) from a
>grib file e.g. u and  v from the 12km eta? I would like to only download
>part of the 12km Eta to save on bandwidth. Can this be done? - Thank you  -
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