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20050202: Late 1 degree GFS and late eta's on CONDUIT] (cont.)

>From:  Tiziana Cherubini <address@hidden>
>Organization:  University of Hawaii
>Keywords:  200502010005.j1105Fv2005162 IDD CONDUIT

Hi Tiziana,

>thanks for the informative reply. It looks like we only have to
>wait and hope that things get faster soon again.

Unfortunately, that is the case.  I looked at the real time stats for
your CONDUIT ingest machine, kiloaoloa.soest.hawaii.edu:


and see that it is as good as can be expected, so there is no
additional latency being added by the IDD relay of the data once it is
injected at NCEP.

>However it's still not very clear to me how come the data were
>coming in more or less timely before january 05. Are there more
>data in the stream now that there were in 2004?

Yes, the 0.5 degree GFS data was added to the CONDUIT stream, and this
pushed the processing load past a critical point on the data injection

>Thanks a lot,

No worries.


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