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Re: LDM feed for Nexrad Data


Here is what happened: IRaDS now currently feeds only 4 Universities with free 
data feeds.  All other clients we have are paying customers for the 
provisioning of the data.  That is likely why your data feed stopped.

Because this is part of the CASA project I discussed this with Joel and 
Kelvin.  We agree that the best route to take at this point is to have 
Unidata find a free server for you to get the data from.  This will get your 
data feed back and will also not increase the overhead on our system. If you 
find that this solution is unsatisfactory, let me know and we will find a 
better way. 

I've copied Unidata on this so they can help you find your new server asap. 
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this decision.

Merry Christmas!


On Friday 17 December 2004 11:25, Eric Lyons wrote:
> Hi Carl-  My name is Eric Lyons, I am a researcher with the CASA project at
> Umass.  Kurt Hondl gave me your email address and said I should contact you
> regarding the LDM feed for Nexrad data.  I had LDM set up and running with
> no problems on a linux box.  One day about ~2 wks ago the feed stop
> working. Everything in LDM appears to be normal, and I haven't changed
> anything (the ldmd.conf file or the pqact.conf file) but when I do ldmadmin
> watch nothing is coming in.  I talked to the system administrators here and
> I am not being secured out of data.  Also, I did a traceroute on one of the
> IP addresses in the ldmd.conf file and it only got so far... Here it is:
> ...
> Kurt did tell me that this may be normal however because firewalls may
> block a traceroute.  Well, I appreciate any suggestions that you might
> have. Thanks a lot, Eric Lyons

Carl Sinclair
IRaDS Data Manager
OU/CAPS Research Scientist

>From address@hidden  Fri Dec 17 13:08:03 2004


Just to add to what Carl said, we're happy to help the community where we
can, but IRaDS is now a stand-alone provisioning service. Our funds come
from the provisioning we sell and not from any federal or research grants.

-- Joel