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Re: 20041207: ndln

On Tue, 7 Dec 2004, Patrick L. Francis wrote:

> >me....
> :-)  jweber rules...


> >But you CANNOT put it on the web!!!
> er? The purpose of all my work is to #1 educate students
> (we just finished my lightning lecture, and it would have been
> excellent to have this active for that) and validate BGSU... I we
> are the little guys... i mean the really little guys :) and there is
> just me so maybe i should say little guy.. but as fat as i am
> i suppose i'm not that little LOL

I understand, you can use it as an educational tool, but you would need to
restrict access to the "lightning" pages to just (*.bgsu.edu) no external
viewing, and not allow linking to the "outside world".

This is a huge and sticky issue..we have been blessed with a free feed of
this data via Global Atmospherics and Vaisala. We do NOT want to do
anything that would jeopardize this feed as it has been going so nicely
for so long.. GAI was purchased by Vaisala and they never "re-did" the
agreement, so it is tenuous at best..hence the caution!

> >NLDN is propriatary, so you cannot disperse..even through web pages.
> um... see above, and I suppose i understand.. but not really...
> it's not like i'm EVER going to be rich like jweber or ever
> make money in what i'm doing.

Keep in mind we are funded by NSF, not many rich folks around here!

> >If you want to see mine it is at:
> >
> >http://my.unidata.ucar.edu/content/staff/jweber/radar2/radar_zoom.html
> would love to see your script for that.

I am happy to share.

> >Do you still want the feed even though you cannot display it?
> it's kind of like.. do you really want to order the cheesecake
> if you can't eat it? :)
> the reason i'm starting with scripts instead of diving into the gui
> is they REFUSE to put linux on what little lab i do have so
> everything we will do (next year) will be via the web until
> i can get a linux lab donated to me.

As long as you ratchet it down so it DOES NOT VIEW outside of
your physical campus location, you should be AOK to go.

I will begin the feed request..

J Weber

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