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20041130: CONDUIT UQAM (cont.)

>From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Christian_Pag=E9?= <address@hidden>
>Organization: UQAM
>Keywords: 200411302007.iAUK7FlI010437 IDD CONDUIT

Hi Christian,

>Is it possible to select only a subset of CONDUIT data to be received 
>(to preserve the bandwidth and to just select what we need from 

Yes, it is no different from any other IDD feed in this respect.
The global GFS data dominates the current stream in terms of volume.
This probably will change as the higher resolution (0.5 degree) GFS
data is made available at the end of this week.  The reason I
made a comment about bandwidth is that it is my experience that
users of the IDD typically request everything at first and sometimes
revisit their ldmd.conf request lines to trim down the amount of 
data that they receive.

>If it is not possible, we will wait to ask for CONDUIT then. We are 
>already ftp-ing some ETA and GFS data from tgftp, and we would like to 
>replace that with IDD CONDUIT.
>As far our previous network problems are considered, it is now totally 
>fixed, and we have no longer any bandwidth problems (our link to the 
>research network is on internet2, and our bandwidth is not restricted 
>(the available bandwidth to internet2 is around 200-400 Mb/sec).

Excellent!  I am glad to hear of the improvement in your networking

>the problem was with the router which was overloaded and its CPU 
>available was not enough to cope with the bandwidth available.


>Now, our main server (io.sca.uqam.ca) had hardware problems (fan) which 
>is now fixed hopefully...

Sounds good.

>Thanks for you help,

No worries.


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