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20041123: LDM upstream feed site

>From:  Mark Seefeldt <address@hidden>
>Organization:  CU
>Keywords:  200411232237.iANMbD7j029017 IDD

Hi Mark,

>Hi!  The time has come where I am finally ready to get the LDM up and 
>running at CU.  The new linux box has arrived, is sitting next to my desk, 
>and I am not ready to attack it.

'Not' ready or 'Now' ready? :-)

>I am writing to find out my LDM upstream feed site.

We will want you to feed off of CU/CIRES (NOAA):


I will contact the LDM administrator for rainbow and ask him to
add an allow line for your machine, foehn.colorado.edu.

>As I mentioned at the training, the primary use for this LDM site will be 
>for the IDD-Antarctic.  In the meantime, while that project is developing, 
>we would like to connect to a North American LDM feed.

Sounds good.

>This is not a 
>mission critical data feed.  It will be primarily used to become familiar 
>with LDM and Gempak, isolate special cases for my advisor to use in the 
>classroom or a textbook, and general weather fun.

rainbow.al.noaa.gov is getting almost all of the data in the IDD.
If you are interested in getting NEXRAD Level II data, we will assign
a different server for you to feed it from.  Please remember that
there are some IDD feeds that are only done from originator to final
destination.  Those feeds include:

IDD feed    data type
FNMOC       model output from Fleet Numerical
GEM         model output from CMC
NLDN        lightning data
PCWS        ACARS data
WSI         NEXRAD Level II data and composites from WSI (not free)

>At the training Tom 
>mentioned that we might be a good candidate for your new test server.

I am not sure I remember comments about a new test server, but I do
remember chatting about starting to get an IDD-Antarctic off of the
ground.  Could be my old age creeping in again ;-)  Can you refresh
my memory?  Thanks...

>Requested Information:
>University of Colorado at Boulder
>Mark Seefeldt
>hostname:  foehn.colorado.edu

No worries.

>Mark Seefeldt
>Polar Climate and Meteorology
>University of Colorado at Boulder
>216 UCB
>Boulder, CO 80309
>phone: 303-492-3619
>fax: 303-492-1149


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