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Hi Yoshiro,

You are not allowed to get CONDUIT, you requested an allow for HDS, which
does not include the CONDUIT feed. CONDUIT is the high resolution model
output from NCEP, very high volume ~2GB/hour..

Also, atm (your feed site) was down this weekend.

We posted this to LDM users mail list..are you subscribed?

If not, you can do so at:


It is probably a good list to be on if you have not already subscribed.

I see Steve Chiswell answered your question about an appropriate request
line, and he may have added an allow for CONDUIT on atm for you, but is
that what you want?

Let us know...


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On Mon, 11 Oct 2004, Yoshihiro Yamasaki wrote:

> Hi !
> I am trying configure the ldmd.conf to get avn forecast
> model data in grib format (
> /afs/.nwstg.nws.noaa.gov/ftp/SL.us008001/ST.opnl/MT.avnx_CY.**/RD.yyyynndd/PT.grid_DF.gr1/fh.tttt_tl.press_gr.onedeg)
> with (yyyymmdd) --> year/month/day
>       (tttt)     --> forecast time
> without any success at all.
> Actually I am trying wiht :
> Request CONDUIT "^/afs/.nwstg.nws.noaa.gov/ftp/(.*) !(.*)!
> FILE data/conduit/\1" atm.geo.nsf.gov ALTERNATE
> I would appreciated to receive any help.
> Best regards,
> yoshihiro yamazaki