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20040829: bigbird Level II data filing?

>From: Gerry Creager N5JXS <address@hidden>
>Organization: Texas A&M University -- AATLT
>Keywords: 200408292005.i7TK518E004468 IDD CRAFT file

Hi Gerry,

>Tom, I'm looking at Bigbird now and it appears radar caching stopped 
>about 23 AUG.  I guess I'm gonna request some NCDC backups to refill the 
>I don't see a config error, offhand.  Any thoughts?

Not right off.  I will try to take a look when I get a chance, but the
network connection from here is like the eqivalent of a bad 1200 k
modem dialup.  In short, it sucks bad!

>How's Brazil?

It is interesting so far.  I am meeting a lot of the important people
in the Brazilian meteorological community.  I am a member of a plenary
panel on scientific data movement this evening, so I will have a good
opportunity to talk about the possibilities with the IDD and THREDDS.
Good thing I brought all of the Unidata presentations I could find!

>After Friday, there may be developments allowing 
>additional Abilene peering and a 2nd path from Forteleza back via 
>Texas... interesting meeting last week in our facilities.

I am all ears on this one!

>One more thought: Are you coming to the I2 meeting in Austin?

I had not thought that far in the future.  I would like to be a regular
attendee at I2 meetings, but I am not sure that Unidata would be willing
to pay my way.  I will check into this as I get time.

Man, this connection is so bad that I just have to get off NOW!

Talk to you later...


>From address@hidden  Sun Aug 29 16:46:39 2004

fixed.  Loose nut behind keyboard.
Gerry Creager -- address@hidden
Network Engineering -- AATLT, Texas A&M University      
Cell: 979.229.5301 Office: 979.458.4020 FAX: 979.847.8578
Page: 979.228.0173
Office: 903A Eller Bldg, TAMU, College Station, TX 77843

>From address@hidden  Mon Aug 30 08:39:37 2004

Fixed.  There were some interesting and anomolous directories that were 
throwing me off.  I did have to do another FSCK yesterday, though, which 
is starting to worry me.  It followed a clean shutdown and restart that 
was initiated for reasons I'm not currently sure of.  As with the power 
failure, it indicated it was a clean mount, and then started throwing 
errors.  Unlike the last time, it cleaned up in about an hour's run of 
FSCK and we're back up.