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Re: 20040730:CONDUIT allow

Hi all,

If I've done it right, then you should have access to two machines. (However, I don't know if the campus firewall was opened for both; please let me know what you discover. (Ernst, this is port 388/tcp for each machine.)

Here are the machines on our end:

wxdata.db.erau.edu has address

wxdev3.db.erau.edu has address

I have this in each ldmd.conf file (tab separated):

# Tom Mote address@hidden 706.542.2906
allow   CONDUIT cacimbo.ggy.uga.edu

Tom, we are expecting some new hard disks to arrive next week and will probably see some down time on each machine, one at a time. Please try to connect to each as a test now. (I assume this will use the Internet2 path.)

This is a milestone of sorts for us here at ERAU as this will be our first IDD feed to a machine off campus! We've hit the big time now, baby! (-:


Chris H.


Dr. Christopher G. Herbster
Associate Professor
Director of ERAU Weather Center
Applied Aviation Sciences
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ.
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Daytona Beach, FL 32114-3900

386.226.6444 Office
386.226.6446 Weather Center

Thomas L. Mote wrote:

Please also let me know what machine to point to. Thanks much. Tom

Jeff Weber wrote:

Hi Chris,

Tom Mote (UGA) would like a subset of the CONDUIT ETA model output you are

Could you be so kind as to place an:


for the machine:


It would be greatly appreciated..


ps: Looks as if the Atlantic is beginning to bubble up a bit, may need to
start battenning down the hatches :)

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