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Re: 20040726: Howard LDM Feed

HI Jason,

Are you sure it is running..?

/local/ldm/etc% ldmping drizzle.hupas.howard.edu
Jul 28 18:17:32      State    Elapsed Port   Remote_Host
Jul 28 18:17:42 SVC_UNAVAIL  10.030669    0   drizzle.hupas.howard.edu
h_clnt_create(drizzle.hupas.howard.edu): Timed out while creating

I'll check atm's logs now knowing that you attempted recently..

What do you get when you enter:

ldmadmin stop  &&  ldmadmin start

from drizzle..

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On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Jason T. Smith wrote:

> Hey Jeff,
>    Ok i switch it and started it up, the same results however :( It is still 
> up
> and running.  This is weird.  Thanks for your help :D
> Jason Smith
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