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Re: 20040310: ETA 12km Data


The NWS has sent out notices on DVBS. Here is
a recent summary that includes the addition of ETA218 and DGEX:

The dvbs broadcast is using the vacated goesw channel of noaaport which
was freed up by compressing the nOAAPORT imagery and coombining into a
single GOES (conus) channel.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 14:54, Kevin W. Thomas wrote:
> >Kevin,
> >
> >NWS has just started broadcasting the ETA218 and DGEX grids in GRIB2
> >format on the DVBS noaaport. Since tis data will be available on the
> >satellite feed to the IDD, we will probably not duplicate them on
> >
> >We are investigating the DVBS stream for the IDD>
> >
> >Steve CHiswell
> >Unidata User Support
> Steve...
> I'm not familiar with the DVBS noaaport.  Can you provide me with specifics?
> Thanks.
>       == kwthomas ==