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20040712: please failover Level II Nexrad Feed to emo (cont.)

>From: "Adam Taylor" <address@hidden>
>Organization: ULM
>Keywords: 200406301714.i5UHENWb016674 IDD Level II

Hi Adam,

re: switch CRAFT feed from bigbird to emo
>I wasn't able to do these changes till this morning.

No worries.

>May I have in my
>ldmd.conf bigbird as my primary and emo listed as secondary or something
>like that?  That way it will fall over if something happens??

Yes, this will work.  emo, however, is not an "operational" machine.
We use it for backup IDD purposes and for testing.  As soon as the
full NEXRAD level II topology is in place, we will be letting folks
know who their primary and secondary feeds sites will be.  Until then,
you can have emo setup in your ldmd.conf file for automatic failover.


Thanks for the help...


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