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Aeolus to Change

Everyone Downstream of "aeolus.ucsd.edu":

Aeolus (currently a DEC Alpha with limited disk space running OSF/1) will suffer a transplant (becoming a high-end PC with an order of magnitude more disk space running Linux) in the near future. The new equipment is up and running (with only an IP address), I just have to go in and build the directory trees to match what pqact.config expects.

I will try to give everybody a 24 hour "heads up" message, but it will happen sometime prior to the 15th. The new aeolus will have the same name and IP address as the old one, so I don't think anyone will have to make any changes.

We'll just shut the old one down, make the necessary changes to configuration files, then reboot the new one. It should be transparent to all downstream nodes. (Famous last words???)

James Murakami: I lost your message with the new hostname you wanted for UCLA, please send the name to me again and I'll put it into the new aeolus.


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