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20040609: rtstats hosed

>From:  Mike Schmidt <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords:  200406090801.i5981Xub028601


>Any idea how to fix the problem?

rtstats is hosed where?  I just plotted the volume of NNEXRAD data emo
is getting, and it is current.  I see rtstats running on (new)thelma.
What are you looking at?

Also, I am concerned that (new)thelma is not able to keep up.  The idle
states are at 0.0 and the load average is staying over 70.  I have to
believe that this is being driven by a slug of CONDUIT data coming in.

<few minutes later> 'top' is now showing that the load average is
decreasing, but the idle states are staying near 0.  Perhaps things
will improve as the load continues to decrease (it is now 26 and
dropping fast).

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