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20040608: LDM changes on Rossby, latencies (cont.)

>From: Mike Voss <address@hidden>
>Organization: SJSU
>Keywords: 200406052141.i55LfstK011909 IDD HDS latency

Hi Mike,

>There was indeed a network problem here at SJSU, which happened to coincide 
>with the changes you made on rossby.

Who would have bet on a coincidence like this!?

>The campus network folks were 
>re-configuring the network and one of the new connections was left at half 
>duplex, which led to major collisions, slow bandwidth, etc. Things are 
>better now, but not perfect (I can ftp files from motherlode to outside 
>outside the campus firewall at 15 Mbps, while ftping to inside yields only 
>about 6 Mbps).

I noticed the latencies went back down, but not to the low levels there
were before the failure.  I have to say that I was waiting for this
note from you...

>Anyhow, if you are in agreement I will make the change over 
>to feed CRAFT from OU using the entries you had made last Thursday.

Yes, please do.  This includes:

- changing the single request for CRAFT from thelma.ucar.edu to
  the six request from the OU machines
- changing the queue size in ~ldm/bin/ldmadmin to 2 GB
- stopping the LDM
- deleting the queue
- making a new queue (recommend 'ldmamdin mkqueue -f')
- starting the LDM

Thanks in advance...


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