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Re: 20040605: LDM changes on Rossby, latencies

Hi Tom,

"Top" is on rossby now. FYI - I had changed the queue back to 400 MB
yesterday after the change of CRAFT feed back to Thelma did not help. I
seemed to get much lower latencies after that, but like you said they are
back today. Hmmm....strange, Rossby really had been fine for quite some
time with little or no latencies. Here is the MRTG (blue is in to rossby):

You can see the pattern has changed recently. I just did a test for kicks
to ftp some data from motherlode and that is really slow. And slow from
abother machine inside our network. Hmmm....could be problems on our
network that happen to coincide with the changes you made Thursday. I will
investigate further.


> Mike,
> >Regarding the changes you made on rossby. I did send a lengthy email a few
> >days back, this is a different subject.
> I got the other email, thanks.
> >Since you made the changes to feed
> >rossby CRAFT from OU (and to the queue size), rossby just hasn't been the
> >same. For example, after
> >running flawlessly for months, look at the HDS latencies. I'm not sure
> >what's cuasing this, but since the change coincides with the changes you
> >made on rossby, I'm looking there first. I changed the CRAFT feed back
> >to thelma temporarily to see if that solves the problem. Let me know if
> >you think of anything.
> I looked at the latencies right after seeing your note yesterday
> afternoon.  Since you switched the CRAFT feed, I decided to wait until
> this morning to respond to see if there was any major change after the
> feed was switched back to thelma.  After a reasonably quiet night, the
> latencies seem to be heading back up (I am looking at the latencies
> for 16Z), but it is too soon to tell if this is a trend that will
> continue or not.
> I will continue to watch rossby today to see if the latencies stay
> better than they were for Friday/Saturday.  If they do, I will want to
> switch back to feeding off of OU this evening to see if the latencies
> climb.  If they do, it should mean that rossby is simply at the limits
> of the number of ingest feeds it can process.  The only thing that is
> different when feeding off of thelma instead of directly off of OU
> (thelma feeds from OU) is the number of request lines in ldmd.conf.
> For thelma, you had a single request; for OU, I setup the full six that
> are required: 4 - one for each NWS regional HQ; 2 - backup servers.
> During our stress testing of LDM-6 on thelma, we learned that the
> number of ingest feeds is a strong determinant to the overall
> performance of LDM.  The reason for this is that each ingest feed must
> do a write lock on the queue to insert the product it just received.
> Feeding downstream sites is much less of a factor since those rpc.ldmd
> processes only have to do a read lock.  If it looks like the number
> of ingest rpc.ldmd processes is causing problems, I suggest reorganizing
> the data requests to cut the number.  As a first test of this, I
> would collect IDS|DDPLUS, FNEXRAD, and UNIWISC into a single request.
> This would free up two ingest processes.  Other than that, the only
> thinkg I can think of doing is reducing the number of CONDUIT requests
> from 5 to 3.
> The only other possibility is that the 2 GB queue is simply too big for
> the amount of memory on rossby.  I tried to use 'top' to check this
> possibility, but I couldn't find it.  Is it installed somewhere not in
> the PATH for 'ldm'?  If 'top' is not available, can it be installed?
> More later...
> Tom
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