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200040526:rtsats failing

Hi Art,

Our web server is hanging on the rtstats process, I suspect that is the
root of the problem

We working on it..

If causing performance issues, you could comment out rtstats, but we hope
to have the problem resolved quickly..and would not want to have that
remain commented out :)

Sorry for this inconvenience..


I'm having trouble getting my LDM to stop.  After a problem this morning
involving dcmetr and a similar LDM shutdown failure (which I documented in
an email to address@hidden), I killed the LDM processes,
remade the queues, and restarted.  I needed to stop the LDM again and now
it's hung again.  I've looked on our main relay and see that HDS is
running ~1 hour behind, and when I went to check statistics on the Unidata
web site, they aren't updated past 18Z May 25th.  There are two processes
left causing my LDM to not stop:

ldm        959     1  0 11:50 ?        00:00:00 rpc.ldmd -m 1800 -t 30 -q
m.pq /usr/local/ldm/etc/ldmd.conf
ldm        967   959  0 11:50 ?        00:00:03 rtstats -h

I'm wondering if rtstats is trying to do something at Unidata that's not
working properly and causing the hang.  Are things okay at Unidata?  Any




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