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20040518: soliciting second-tier-IDD NEXRAD Level II relay sites (cont.)

>From: "Arthur A. Person" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Penn State
>Keywords: 200405171928.i4HJSItK003030 IDD Level II

Hi Art,

re: The bandwidth is peak by end of year 2005.  It is unlikely that the
actual load will come close to the peak as the calculation for the
peak assumes that each NEXRAD is operating in storm mode and that
the data are not highly compressible.

>Do you have an estimate for what a "realistic" average and peak data rate
>might be?

Not specifically.  The best I can offer is to check out the real time
statistics page for thelma.ucar.edu ingestion of CRAFT data and monitor
the volumes over a period of time.

>Or, how many GB's/day are expected to be sent under different

We have not tried to estimage this since the range can be huge.  Again,
I would recommend that you monitor the volume plots of CRAFT data for
a machine receiving the full complement of NEXRAD data.  Here is
one example:



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