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20040402: atm.geo.nsf.gov IDD feeds down for 1 hour this morning

>From:  "Patrick L. Francis" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  BGSU
>Keywords:  200404021823.i32INJCT015389 IDD atm outage

Patrick, et. al.,

>fyi.. looks like nsf feeds were down for a short while today
>again... no big deal, we all have our problems ;) .. in case the outage
>effects anyone the timing appears to have been just before 11am to
>just after noon (eastern):
>-- note concurrent tcp connections.

The top level IDD relay node, atm.geo.nsf.gov, was taken off line today
for while it was physically moved to a new location within the
NSF/ATM offices in Arlington, VA.  Since we had anticipated that the
move would take on the order of a half hour, we did not send out a
warning to ldm-users.

The move ended up taking almost exactly a full hour, and then service
was restored.  Since the LDM queues on machines feeding atm contain at
least an hour of data, sites feeding from atm (or nodes downstream of
atm) should have received all data (albeit in a delayed fashion) in all
IDD streams (with the possible exception of CONDUIT) after atm returned
to service.

We apologize for any inconvenience that the service interruption may
have caused.


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