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20040401: access to UNIWSIC imagery

>From: "Luis A. Lopez" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
>Keywords: 200404011627.i31GRGCT021091 IDD

Hi Luis,

>I finally compiled LDM, we need to receive authorization to download
>the image files, please can you send me information, how to get access
>to this server??  Thank you.

I am assuming that you mean get an IDD feed of imagery that is
pertinent to Puerto Rico.  The two datastreams that you will want to
get -- as a minimum -- are the UNIWISC and NIMAGE streams.  I will add
an allow line for your site as soon as you provide me with the fully
qualified hostname for the machine you loaded LDM on, and after I have
verified that DNS service for this machine supports forward and reverse
name lookup.


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