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Re: tgsv50 and AIX patch info


Our schedule call for completion of the upgrades by end of March.  I will be 
to slip this, but want to move forward as quickly as is reasonable.  The 
though is our problem, not yours.  As long as there is movement towards 
of the problem we will deal with the schedule internally.  We do indeed have
operational issues due to running without a backup.  If you do not expect a
resolution before April 2, we will begin efforts to roll-back tgsv50 so as to 
backup capability in place.

Frances Yang will contact you today to discuss details of the AIX test system.  
expect that at the latest, we can have that system online and ready for your
access by the start of next week.


Mike Schmidt wrote:

> Allan,
> Thanks for the information.  It's very useful for us to understand the
> constraints that you're working with on your end.  Is there a deadline
> by which these AIX systems must be upgraded, or can you get a temporary
> exception for operational systems?
> I'll be so bold as to speak for others here, but our intention is to
> address this issue as quickly as possible.  I also understand the
> concerns about being one deep on LDM relay systems (tgsv50/51) and
> didn't know if you had operational issues with that as well?
> Finally, I'd like to accept your offer of a test AIX system.  Let us
> know when the system is available!
> mike
> On Mar 25,  8:05am, Allan.Darling wrote:
> > Subject: Re: tgsv50 and AIX patch info
> >
> > Mike,
> >
> > Thank you (and all the other Unidata staffers who have worked on this issue)
> > for your investigation on the AIX upgrade issues that have negatively
> > affected LDM.  Unfortunately, the reason for our AIX upgrade was to address
> > security requirements, including the DOS Vulnerability for RPC.  We are
> > required to meet certain goals mandated by the Federal Information Security
> > Management Act, including maintaining systems at current security patch
> > levels.  A back-level AIX installation is not an option for us.  We have
> > fielded our Regional Radar Image Distribution Systems on mid-range IBM
> > RS/6000 servers running AIX.  To date, we have had very limited success in
> > running SuSE Linux on the PowerPC architecture.  Acqusition of different
> > systems would be difficult at this time.  More importantly, the CONDUIT root
> > server is a high-end RS/6000 M80 system (PowerPC architecture) also running
> > AIX O/S.  We must upgrade this system to a current maintenance level as soon
> > as possible, given its presence on Internet2.
> >
> > If there is no expectation that Unidata will be addressing the LDM execution
> > problem under AIX then we will need to begin discussion of how to support
> > CONDUIT.  If the principle roadblock in the investigation is availability of
> > an AIX system to use for testing, NWS/TOC can work with you to provide a
> > remotely accessable AIX system with admin support.
> >
> > Thanks again for your support to date.  I hope to hear from you Thursday
> > with information about the possibility of going forward to a resolution of
> > the problem.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Allan
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