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20040211: NCAR/SCD power outage is bringing down thelma and motherlode

>From: Unidata User Support <address@hidden>
>Organization: Unidata Program Center/UCAR
>Keywords: IDD failover

IDD users feeding from thelma.ucar.edu,
Users of THREDDS services on motherlode.ucar.edu:

A cooling outage in the main machine room at NCAR/SCD has resulted in
motherlode.ucar.edu being brought down.

motherlode being offline means that:

- no FNEXRAD composite radar imagery will be available in the IDD
- no THREDDS remote access (i.e., ADDE and DODS/OPeNDAP) to datasets
  held on motherlode will be available during the downtime

thelma.ucar.edu will go offline sometime soon.  A replacement for
thelma is being brought online at Unidata.  As soon as enough time has
passed for its queue to fill, the new machine will assume the duties of
thelma AND will be renamed thelma.ucar.edu.  If all goes well, users
currently feeding off of thelma should not have to failover to other
IDD relays.  We will let you know if and when you need to take action.

Tom Yoksas