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20040210: LDM testing on emo (cont.)

>From: Mike Voss <address@hidden>
>Organization: SJSU
>Keywords: 200402010010.i110ACp1023488 IDD test

Hi Mike,

>1)I'm going to start feeding storm.sjsu.edu again from emo in test
>mode if that's OK with you. 

S'ok by me.

>2)If I want to able to turn on and off your feeding emo from storm, is
>that somehting I can do by removing the "allow *.unidata.ucar.edu" line 
>from ldmd.conf, or will that mess up something else. Basically, I
>don't want to have to bug you to turn the feed from storm on and off.

Do you mean you want storm to try to feed from emo but fail because
emo won't allow it?  If yes, then I will have to change the allow
line in emo and then stop and restart its LDM.  Otherwise, all
you have to do is remove the request(s) to emo and stop and restart
the LDM on storm.



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