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NLDN feed change request

Hi folks,

Your message that we should change our request to your new machine has prompted me to send the following request.

We too are retooling our systems. Could you please change your allow entries to reflect our changes on this end?

Please allow:

wxdata.db.erau.edu has address - our primary machine

wxdev3.db.erau.edu has address - our backup machine

Other entries for updraft and supercell can be removed.

Please let us know when this is done and I'll change the request on this end from updraft to wxdata.


Chris H.


Dr. Christopher G. Herbster
Assistant Professor
Director of ERAU Weather Center
Applied Aviation Sciences
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ.
600 S. Clyde Morris Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114-3900

386.226.6444 Office
386.226.6446 Weather Center

From address@hidden Tue Feb  3 08:56:09 2004

    I changed the entry on striker2 to allow wxdata.db.erau.edu.

We do not configure for backup machines unless there is a real need.
We are feeding more than 70 other Universities, and if they all
wanted to have live backup feeds our server would be swamped.
If there is a problem with wxdata let us know and we will
allow your backup feed asap. Hope you understand.


From address@hidden Tue Feb  3 09:42:53 2004


Thanks, I'll make the change on our end.

As for the second machine, I understand, but I did want to mention that this other machine would not be feeding off of you unless something happens on our end to "wxdata" ... Since you have a support staff, and have always been responsive in the past (like right now!), we probably don't need the second allow anyway.