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Re: 20040126:BGSU Data Feed

Hi Patrick,

I noticed that the latencies for your 3 current feeds are very similar..

I suspect that they are all on the same request line:

request IDS|DDPLUS|UNIWISC|HDS  ohio state...blah

If I am correct in this assumption please re-do into seperate request

request IDS|DDPLUS  ohio state...blah.etc
request UNIWISC ohio state...blah

Also, can you see if your IT group is doing some sort of packet
shaping/sniffing on port 388...there is no reason for us (you) to have
these large latencies, so let's figure it out ;)

twister at ohio-state is not getting the data late, so it is occurring en
route or at your institution:


oppossed to:



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