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20040119: Setting up and LDM on an AMRC machine at McMurdo (cont.)

>From: Matthew Lazzara <address@hidden>
>Organization: SSEC 
>Keywords: 200401191551.i0EFp3p2015066 IDD AMRC McMurdo
>Keywords: 200401192118.i0JLIQp2017239

Hi Matthew,

re: test use of LDM-6 at McMurdo

>Yes, this sounds like a good idea.  Just a matter of timing when we'd 
>like to do this, and get the a.o.k. from NSF to do it.  Comms are tight 
>these days.  Due to a variety of reasons, NSF is asking Grantees for TCP 
>port numbers, and byte counts (specifically).  But, I don't see why we 
>can't do this.

The port number for LDM use is easy: 388/tcp.  The byte count is harder
since the more useful the LDM is found to be, the higher the byte
count will grow.

>There are a couple of ways to proceedure from here. 
>Here's my suggestion:
>1. AMRC needs to turn in a detailed SIP (Suport Information Package) to 
>   NSF/Raytheon Polar Services by Tax Day for next year's support.

Do I need to provide input on this?

>2. I suggest that AMRC put into that SIP the requirements we'll need to 
>   get this test of LDM-6 into place. This includes getting the TCP port 
>   opened up and to the specific IPs at Wisconsin to be allowed to talk to 
>   the ice.

The port is 388/tcp.  The machine(s) at UW that would get the data are
mostly up to you, but I would strongly suggest using unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu
since it is _the_ IDD injection node for UNIWISC data and is one of 4
injection nodes for global observational data, NCEP model output, and
NEXRAD Level III products (through the SDI that is feeding unidata2).
The IP information is:

unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu -

>3. If RPSC/NSF gives AMRC a hard time on this, then Art can appeal via 
>   his means.

Sounds good to me.  Art?

>Overall, I'd love to be the focal for this.


>As a note, I've *finally* set up the getting the SPAWAR AWS data 
>routinely to Wisconsin. I'm getting into an MD file (using our AWS MD 
>Schema).    The move to netCDF hasn't progressed (something we ought to 
>talk more about in the future), but is still my goal.

Progress is always good news...

>If the LDM test works well next year, and we can prove it saves on 
>bandwidth, with better service, AMRC would be interested in moving to it 
>as a primary means of doing some comms...

I would say that the LDM might increase reliability, but it won't
necessarily reduce bandwidth use.

>but we'd still use ADDE here 
>and there for sure (specifically for manual monitoring and composite 
>building that is done time scheduled).

I agree.

>Oh, Tom - I've never had LDM training.  I'm not sure when I could fit in 
>learning in the next few months either...I'm swamped (I'm starting to 
>get a busy as you!!! :-)  Is this something I could learn over the summer?

Yes, this is something you could _easily_ learn over the summer.

>Oh, and I do have plans to go to the ice next year....dates to be 
>determined, but I think fall is looking likely.

Sounds good!

>Thanks much Tom!

No worries.


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