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20040106: access to datoo

>From: Unidata User Support <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200401061607.i06G71p2029771 IDD NOAAPORT datoo

Hi Bob,

We have the MPS300 box we will be shipping you working here and stress
tested.  What we need now is access (ldm and root) to datoo.
Please send the ldm and root passwords for datoo to my personal email
address, address@hidden, _without_ mentioning datoo or which
accounts the passwords are for.

I will use the access information to setup the tftp download of 68000
microcode from datoo to the MPS300.  After configuring tfpt (a quick
job) on datoo, we will test the download from SRCC to us across the
net.  After that, all we have to do is send you the box, serial cable
(connects EFData modem to MPS300), console cable (allows you to run
things like tip (x86) or minicom (Linux) to run configurations on the
MPS300), serial cable to connect the console cable to a serial port on
datoo, and a power cord.

I wanted to send you the MPS300 this week, but we are waiting for the
serial cable to be made and picked up.  Time is running out between
now and our departure for the Seattle AMS meeting on Saturday, so it
looks like we will be shipping you the box when we get back from the
AMS meeting.  In order to do the shipping, however, we need your
full shipping shipping address.