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20031223: SLU NOAAPORT now operational

>From: "Dr. Charles Graves" <address@hidden>
>Organization: SLU
>Keywords: 200312231808.hBNI8Dp2011686 IDD NOAAPORT SDI

Hi Chuck,

>FYI: We now have a noaaport machine feeding our ingest machine
>(zephir.eas.slu.edu) as a redundant feed of the IDS|DDSPLUS|HDS feeds.


>the NOAAPORT machine is nereid.eas.slu.edu...it should start showing
>up as a feed to zephir in the real-time stats...we are not sending 
>statistics for nereid but can if you are interested.

This is not absolutely necessary, but it might be useful to have
nereid show up as an IDD injection node so the stats tracing is

>Hopefully in the next few weeks we will include the NEXRAD and GINI
>feeds into zephir.

The NNEXRAD data is in the NWSTG channel, so if you are already
ingesting IDS|DDPLUS and HDS, you should be getting the NNEXRAD data.

>I believe we are now on I2 but the university has turned off ICMP
>packets so traceroute doesn't work.  Given the drop in latencies we have
>experienced, I believe most of the latency is now within the university.

Your latencies look very good right now.

>SLU believes in "security through obscurity" so we rarely get straight
>answers when we talk to them:-)

I hear you ;-)

>BTW: Our machines purchased with the Unidata Equipment grant just
>arrived.  With some additional university support we where able to
>upgrade to the SunBlade 1500s with a higher-end graphics card...now my
>job is to test the IDV in the new setup.  (Occasionally this job has
>some perks!)

Way cool!

>I'll be at the AMS Annual meeting so I'll stop by and chat.

Please do.  Talk to you later...