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20031102: Log question

>From: Gerry Creager N5JXS <address@hidden>
>Organization: Texas A&M University -- AATLT
>Keywords: 200311021903.hA2J3fOb025715

Hi Gerry,

I know that Jeff Weber already has responded to your inquiry, but I
wanted to jump in.

>I'm querying ly suominet site (suominet.tamu.edu) and getting the 
>following in my logfile:
>Oct 27 14:52:22 mesodata[1168]: NOTICE: equester6.c:454; 
>  ldm_clnt.c:286: nullproc_6 failure
>to; ldm_clnt.c:142: RPC: Program/version mismatch; low 
>version = 4, high version = 5
>I appear to be getting binex data.  Is this worth worrying about?  Do we 
>need to suggest to Therest VanHove that Suominet move to LDM6?

It is a shame that the machines used in Suominet are not using LDM-6
for data relay, but, as Jeff said, they were all cut with the same
image before being shipped.

The thing I really wanted to chat with you about was the disappearance
of bigbird: bigbird stopped reporting LDM-6 statistics several days
back.  Also, before it stopped reporting stats, I noticed that the
clock was only getting set once-per-day (like it was running ntpdate
out of cron, but the cron job was only running once a day).

Any idea of what happened to bigbird?

>Thanks, gerry



>From address@hidden Tue Nov  4 06:19:54 2003

No idea on bigbird.  I've been swamped recently and it hadn't show up on 
my radar, since it'd been working fine.

I'll recheck NTP timesettings; I had started using ntpdate originally 
because of a firewall issue, since resolved, for ntp (no local server, 
another thing I intend to fix at its site).

I'll let you know what happened.