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20031021: pqinsert setup on datoo; please update

>From:  Tom Yoksas <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords:  200310082202.h5IM27Ld018077 IDD LDM SDI feed names

Hi Bob,

This is a retry of a message I originally sent on October 8.  We
consider the change we are requesting to be important to the real
time statistics gathering we are doing for IDD machines.

We see that datoo is injecting observation products into the IDD as
the feed 'WMO' and model data as 'HDS'.  The correct setup is for
the observational products to be called 'IDS|DDPLUS'.  The names of
the feeds are set in ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf actions that should look like:

exec   "pqing -f IDS|DDPLUS /tmp/jmb.fifo.1"
exec   "pqing -f HRS /tmp/jmb.fifo.2"

We are betting that yours looks like:

exec   "pqing -f WMO /tmp/jmb.fifo.1"
exec   "pqing -f HDS /tmp/jmb.fifo.2"

Please change the ldmd.conf entries on datoo to match the examples
we provide above, and then stop and restart the LDM there.  This will
help us in gathering consistent real time IDD statistics.

If you would rather that we made the change, please send us the ldm
login information for datoo (I think you gave me this earlier, but
I can't find it anymore).

Thanks in advance!