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20031006: upgrade your LDM 6.0.14 (cont.)

>From: Jeff Masters <address@hidden>
>Organization: The Weather Underground, Inc.
>Keywords: 200309300045.h8U0jvk1023216 IDD LDM upgrade

Hi Jeff,

>Tom, we are good to serve the IDD off of berry.wunderground.com, the
>machine is pulling NOAAPORT data only from our SDI ingest box, so there
>should be no conflict with checksums.

OK.  So, given that the SDI is a single channel receiver, you will only
be able to serve the NWSTG data.  Correct me if I am wrong.

Did you ever get your NOAAPORT ingest box setup to calculate MD5
checksums that were compatible with the Unidata-operated NOAAPORT
systems, or did you drop that effort and decide to simply run the
SSEC SDI?  Just curious...

>We recently upgraded our bandwidth
>to 200 Mbits/s, so we have plenty of bandwidth to support multiple


>I currently have allow lines for:
>allow   NNEXRAD|NEXRAD|FNEXRAD|UNIDATA|DIFAX    stokes.metr.ou.edu
>allow   NNEXRAD|NEXRAD|FNEXRAD|UNIDATA|DIFAX    flood.atmos.uiuc.edu
>allow   NNEXRAD|NEXRAD|FNEXRAD|UNIDATA|DIFAX    ldm.meteo.psu.edu
>allow   UNIDATA|DIFAX|NNEXRAD|FNEXRAD   profhorn.meteor.wisc.edu
>allow   UNIDATA|DIFAX|NNEXRAD|FNEXRAD   cirp.met.utah.edu
>allow   UNIDATA|DIFAX|NNEXRAD|FNEXRAD   pircsl4.agron.iastate.edu
>allow   UNIDATA|DIFAX|NNEXRAD|FNEXRAD   vortex.esc.brockport.edu

You can collapse the allows to:


You could also change the allows to:

allow   ANY-NLDN-WSI-PCWS-GEM   ...

and use this for all requests.

Can you add several machines:

Top level IDD nodes

Secondary IDD nodes
flood.atmos.uiuc.edu         <- I know you already have this listed above
stokes.metr.ou.edu           <- I know you already have this listed above

West coast sites
cirp.met.utah.edu            <- I know you already have this listed above

Unidata machines

The number of machines who _will_ feed from you will be a small subset of
the above.  I would just like all top level inject nodes to have a certain
set of allows for failover purposes.

>I took out the stats job from frost.wunderground.com.

Thanks for the help!



>From address@hidden Mon Oct  6 12:05:50 2003

Hi Tom,

On Mon, 6 Oct 2003, Unidata Support wrote:

>The box puts out DDPLUS|IDS, HDS, NNEXRAD data. I've forgotten, but I
>think you are correct, this all comes in on one channel, yes?

re: getting your NOAPORT boxes to calculate Unidata-compatible MD5 checksums

>Yes, but we got so bogged down in the number of exceptions, we gave up the
>effort. We can try again if our SDI box eventually fails. We have 2
>non-SDI ingest boxes we feed our internal network with.

re: collapse into allow NNEXRAD|FNEXRAD|DIFAX|UNIDATA   ...

>I collapsed things to the top line. I don't want to allow ANY, since we
>use the EXP, FSL3, etc, feeds for our own crazy products.

re: add several machines

>All added and ldm restarted.

>Cheers, Jeff
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