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20031001: upgrade your LDM 6.0.14 (cont.)

>From: Jeff Masters <address@hidden>
>Organization: The Weather Underground, Inc.
>Keywords: 200309300045.h8U0jvk1023216 IDD LDM upgrade

Hi Jeff,

>I have upgraded berry.wunderground.com (outside IDD server) and
>ingestor.wunderground.com (SDI ingest machine) to ldm 6.0.14.
>frost.wunderground.com is no longer in service for the IDD.


We are still getting LDM-5 stats from 'int-frost.wunderground.com'.  If
it plays no part in the IDD, can you turn off the generation of
pqbinstats stats (comment out pqbinstats in ldmd.conf) and comment out
your crontab entry that sends the stats back to Unidata?  Thanks.

>BTW, we had a data outage on our NOAAPORT feed yesterday, caused by (as
>near as we can figure) a seagull sitting on our feedhorn. Time to get some
>fake owls! I turned on berry to grab the DDPLUS|IDS data from thelma
>because of the outage.

I have been meaning to touch base with you about getting berry
incorporated more fully in to the IDD.  At one time, you noted that
when you were in place in your new digs, that your Internet service
would be change from a pay-per-usage to a fixed rate, and you would
then be willing to feed Unidata sites.  The one hangup I recall was
getting the MD5 checksum on the products you are injecting to match the
same for Unidata NOAAPORT ingest systems.

Can you update me on the MD5 checksum and data relay issues?  Thanks!