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20030930: upgrade your LDM from to 6.0.14 (cont.)

>From: Chris Herbster <address@hidden>
>Organization: ERAU
>Keywords: 200309301348.h8UDmhk1023988 IDD LDM upgrade

Hi Chris,

>We would love to have some help with a "tune-up"

OK.  Ready when you are...

>.... Steve Emmerson had 
>offered this before, but we were in the midst of hardware changes and it 
>would have been a double effort.
>We have made most of our changes and would like (love) to get some help 
>finishing up.
>Since we've been busy making some changes with our internal systems, we 
>would like to shuffle our systems making requests for data.

No problem.

>In addition to changing which machines we are using for the IDD, we 
>would like to request access to the CONDUIT feed.  (We have LDM6 running 
>on this end on "wxdata" and will have it on "wxdev3".)

The machine you will be feeding CONDUIT from will be atm.geo.nsf.gov.
The failover will most likely be flood.atmos.uiuc.edu.  I will have
to check on the status of flood being able to feed you the data, so
stay tuned.

>Could we please have allow tags adjusted to permit "wxdata" and "wxdev3" 
>to collect
>Our primary / IDD and internal NOAAPORT LDM
>wxdata.db.erau.edu has address

This machine is allowed on atm.geo.nsf.gov.

>Our backup for IDD / Primary for  CONDUIT / NEXRAD Level II
> -----------
>wxdev3.db.erau.edu has address

I believe that the typical NEXRAD Level II setup is to get the data from
the University of Oklahoma.  I will verify this.

>The question we have is related to processing all these data on one 

This is a LOT of data!

>I'm assuming that it would be better to split the load, but that 
>is an uninformed assumption on my part.

It may be an uninformed assumption, but it is not a bad one.  We are
ingesting all data on a dual Athlon 2400+ machine here at the UPC
and it is able to keep up with the duties mainly because of its
hardware RAID and fine tuning of processing activities.

>Either way, these two systems 
>will be configured on this end to either duplicate or share the load.

Sounds good.

>We are listed as using FSU as a primary and Thelma as a backup.  We have 
>been using Thelma as our primary (initially due to hardware problems at 
>FSU) and now that we are on Internet2 this has worked just fine for us.  

We want you to stop getting data from thelma and switch to use of
atm.geo.nsf.gov, the Unidata-maintained top level IDD relay node
in the East (in the NSF/ATM offices).  This machine has its own NOAAPORT
ingest and is the first hop from the Weather Service for CONDUIT.

>If this is okay for you, could we make this a permanent change?  (We 
>should be ready to accept feed requests from other sites in the near 

I want to move the data path from thelma to atm.  After testing your
I2 connectivity and ability to relay data, we may well ask you to
play a prominent role in the relay of data.

>Here are the old LDM machines
>Currently active, but needs rebuilding.
>updraft.db.erau.edu has address  (please leave open until 
>we make the change on this end)

OK.  I will upgrade updraft to LDM-6.0.14.

>Old primary, given a new in-house assignment ....
>supercell.db.erau.edu has address


>I have also helped to configure the machine out in Prescott, AZ - listed 
>as "storm.pr.erau.edu" - and would appreciate it if we can do a tune-up 
>on that system as well.

No problem (given appropriate logins).

>I'll arrange for the appropriate login info and will send that when all 
>is ready.

OK.  You can either call me (303.497.8642) or send the logins -- with
no reference to machine or account names -- to my personal email
address, address@hidden.

>Thanks again for all the great support!

Glad to help.  BTW, the upgrade of updraft helps us out on thelma (and
atm) by allowing it to feed only to sites running LDM-6.