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20030930: request to upgrade your LDM from 6.0.10 to 6.0.14 (cont.)

>From: Wayne Gibson <address@hidden>
>Organization: Oregon State University
>Keywords: 200309301540.h8UFe2k1022961 LDM upgrade

Hi Wayne,

Its been a _long_ time since we talked.  Time flies...

>We are in the process of upgrading hardware, software (ldm, mcidas, ...)
>but it is a slow process due to staffing.

I understand completely.  If this process looks like it may stretch out
for several weeks, it might be a good idea to upgrade the LDM on
ocs.oce.orst.edu now.  Again, if you are willing to give out the
passwords, I am willing to do the installation and tuning for you.

Also, if you would like help in installing new version of LDM and
McIDAS on your new platforms, please let me know.



>From address@hidden Tue Sep 30 15:41:40 2003


It has been a long time and many lines of code later ....

The reasons we didn't upgrade on the existing machine were: 1) old
hardware, and 2) old versions of core and supporting software.  As you
know, once you start the upgrade path, other packages must be brought
up to date and this translates all the way back to the OS.  When we
looked at upgrading our existing machine, the OS became the proverbial
"weakest link".

On our newer machine, we already have ldm(6.0.14) and mcidas installed
but we need to add in other packages as that machine serves many
functions in our organization.  Once we add the other packages, we'll
be ready to go.

Realistically, it may take more than a few weeks.

Wayne Gibson
Oregon State University
(541) 737-5696