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20030930: LDM upgrade (cont.)

>From: John Gyakum <address@hidden>
>Organization: McGill University
>Keywords: 200309300200.h8U20tk1010309 LDM IDD upgrade ntpdate

Hi John,

>Tom:  The entire ldm will be on maelstrom2.  We have no plans to use 
>maelstrom for the ldm.

Very good.

I just tried an ldmping to maelstrom.meteo.mcgill.ca and get
indications that the LDM is not running there.  We are still, however,
getting pqbinstats numbers from maelstrom.meteo.mcgill.ca, but they are
very old:

ldm-5.0.6 maelstrom.meteo.mcgill.ca 2001051619 HDS 12 29211 +
20010516193249 ingestor.wunderground.com 3.93 15@3211
ldm-5.0.6 maelstrom.meteo.mcgill.ca 2001051619 HDS 700 8443481 +
20010516193529 noaaport.unidata.ucar.edu 183.96 680@0016

(the date of the stats numbers is from 2001!)

This tells me that there is probably a cron entry in the 'ldm' account
on maelstrom that is sending the same numbers (numbers from
~ldm/logs/*.stats that get summarized in ~ldm/logs/ldmbinstats.upc)
back to us every hour.

Can someone there login to maelstrom as 'ldm' and comment out the
crontab entry that looks something like:

35 * * * * /opt/ldm/bin/ldmadmin dostats

Also, I see that the clock on maelstrom2 is way off:


Back when I was installing LDM-6 on maelstrom2, I tried to setup the
running of ntpdate from 'root's crontab file, but maelstrom2 was not
being allowed to contact any time server.  Can someone there look into
getting the clock setup correctly?  The clocks must be synchronized
between the LDM server (LDM sending data) and client (LDM receiving
data) in order to keep the real time data flowing.

Thanks for your quick reply!



>From address@hidden Tue Sep 30 16:39:45 2003

Tom:  I do not think that we got to these tasks today.  Will do so tomorrow.

Thanks for your help.