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20030919: atm.geo.nsf.gov is not responding

>From: Bill Noon <address@hidden>
>Organization: Cornell
>Keywords: 200309191249.h8JCnrk1029145 IDD

Hi Bill,

Did you get my last email?

>Ok.  Looks like this is my problem.  It looks like the routing to 
>atm.geo.nsf.gov is no longer using the I2.

That was my assessment of the situation (as per previous email).

>The machine I use to feed 
>idd is only routed over I2 (special deal with Cornell on the bandwidth 
>charges) so I lost the connection to atm.geo.nsf.gov.


>I was able to connect idd.nrcc.cornell.edu to thelma.ucar.edu and am 
>feeding from there now.

OK.  In the future, please do not feed from motherlode as it is no
longer an IDD relay node.  Thanks.

>When flailing around (before coffee) I only tried motherlode.

And I havn't even had my coffee yet :-)

>Any idea whether the routing change was intentional?

No idea, but we will look more into this after I get into work.


>From address@hidden Fri Sep 19 08:02:31 2003

Looks like our emails crossed paths.  Thanks for the complete

That networking glitch could have been the failure of the I2
connection.  The other machines were re-routed but mine couldn't.

I am feeding from thelma and will check atm.geo.nsf.gov to see when I  
can get to it again.

Thanks for your help!