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20030828: feed and processing Latencies (cont.)

>From: Gerry Creager N5JXS <address@hidden>
>Organization: Texas A&M University -- AATLT
>Keywords: 200308281358.h7SDw0Ld016206 IDD latency pqact

Hi Gerry,

>Oops... I'm setting things up now, but I'll wait 'til tomorrow to start 
>it.  The machine will be bigbird.tamushsc.edu... it resides at the 
>GigaPoP now, and is as close as I can get to the I2 router for the time 

I setup the allow for the tamushsc.edu subnet on seistan.srcc.lsu.edu.
Following up on your second email, I also setup a specific allow
for the IP address you provided,

>I had to put out a couple of fires around campus today.  Sorry I didn't 
>see this earlier.

No worries.  I have been keeping busy myself :-)

>We still need to chat and see if I can do something about latency on 
>grids, surface and radar.  Radar is still being processed pretty well 
>behind the power curve.  I've not assessed the others.  However, scripts 
>that were running OK 3 days ago are now unusable because of local 
>processing latencies.

Given that the data is getting to your machine with no major slowdowns,
the problem with the processing of the data must be caused by something
wrong on your machine.  I say wrong, since you note that things were
running OK 3 days ago.

>The changes were those you and I've discussed 
>over the last couple of days.  We may have to revamp the system or I may 
>have to find another couple of machines to do the processing!

Since I don't know what processing your are doing or the specs for the
machine your are doing it on, I can't say for certain that you should
expect the machine to be able to keep up with the load.  It does
seem to me, however, that since things were working OK three days ago,
you should expect them to work OK now.  There have been no major changes
in datastream content in the past 3 days, so you are not seeing something
caused by data increase.

>From address@hidden Fri Aug 29 05:28:00 2003

>I had to do some checking on something else this morning, and discovered 
>that the host isn't currently registered in DNS.  The IP address is 
> if you can place that in the ldmd.conf.  I'm going to try 
>to remedy that this morning.

I added this IP to an allow line on seistan.

>Thanks, Gerry

Talk to you later...