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Re: 20030804:IDD feed to Virginia Tech


comments in text..

Thank you,

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On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Travis Morrow wrote:

> Hi,
> I am working with Peter Sforza in Plant Pathology on setting up the LDM.  It
> is currently set up and ready to go, but our domain name has not been
> propagated yet.  I was reading the last e-mail and am curious why UW is not
> our best upstream provider.

We have sites in Virginia, as well as at NSF that are both closer
geographically and electronically...is there a specific reason you prefer

You can feed from whomever is wiiling to feed you, we just try to make it
as efficient as possible given current network status.

  What are the alternative providers?

Please see:


We have
> discussed what feeds to retrieve for now and have decided on the DDPlus,
> PPS, and DDS.

DDPLUS is a super-set if PPS DDS and IDS, all come in under one feed.

 Hopefully at a later date we will want some of the larger
> feeds.  Our domain name should be setup soon and I was wondering who I
> contact with our information?

You should send that information to me and we will place it in the
sitelist and contact your upstream feed to place the allow.

> Thanks,
> Travis Morrow