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20030729: NCDC on IDD/CONDUIT (cont.)

>From: "Alan Hall" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NOAA/NCDC
>Keywords: 200307071353.h67DrOLd016914 IDD NCDC


re: Are you having problems with atm

>No no problems that I am aware of, but just in case...


>Also, it seems I remember something about LDM 6 that you didn't have to do the
>failover script, but just request from both ldm servers.  Is that true?

One can setup a PRIMARY feed request to one machine and an ALTERNATE
feed request to a different machine.  The PRIMARY request should be to
the machine that is expected to be able to provide the data the
fastest.  The data in the PRIMARY feed will be sent without asking the
client (the downstream machine) if it wants the product.  The ALTERNATE
server will ask the client if it wants each product.  If the client
answers yes, then the product is sent in one chunk.  If the answer is
no, then no data is sent.  This is not quite the same as having a
failover script running, but it does provide for redundancy since data
will come from the machine that does not go down.