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Re: Network problems at UW Madison


As of 17:45 UTC we have regained external network connectivity. Only incoming data was affected starting yesterday around 21:00 UTC. All connectivity was lost between 16:30 and 17:30 today.

The outage was due to hardware problem with the UWisconsin Campus network, however I have not received the details, but it obviously did not affect everyone on Campus equally.


Pete Pokrandt wrote:


As yet unidentified network problems began at UW Madison yesterday
afternoon around 4PM local time (21 UTC). At the current time, SSEC appears to be more affected than AOS. I stopped receiving
any data from unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu around 11:30 AM local time today (16:30 UTC).

I have failed over to thelma.ucar.edu for NEXRAD|FNEXRAD and
to atm.geo.nsf.gov for IDS|DDPLUS|HDS

Data seems to be flowing, so downstreams from me should be getting
data again soon.

address@hidden, if I should be failing over to someone else, please
let me know.

From the tech-email list on campus, here is the announcement of
what is going on:

There is a network problem. The only info I have is that the
network (or parts of it) went down around 3:38p yesterday.
It came up sporadically but went down again. Network
engineering is working on it; there is no diagnosis yet.

We'll post something as soon as we get the info.

Happy Thursday!


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