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20030703: Datoo Access

>From: "rleche" <address@hidden>
>Organization: LSU
>Keywords: 200306161954.h5GJs2Ld016710 LDM-6 IDD


>I am  unable to access my rleche account or the root account on Datoo.
>Has anybody changed pass words on this system?

No we made no changes on datoo. In fact, we decided to not even attempt
to logon to datoo after you let us know that it was not running a

>I am on vacation until
>Monday, I will have to hack in to the box and change the pass word in
>any event on Monday.

By the way, the LDM stopped on seistan at about 11 Z today.  I will
be investigating this further later in the day.  I restarted the
LDM with no problems, and it caught up on its feeds reasonably
quickly.  You can see the history of the load averages in the
log file I setup yesterday evening, ~ldm/logs/seistan.uptime.


>From address@hidden Thu Jul  3 09:19:27 2003


Details are some what scare just now but....

There was some sort of a network outage this morning between 6:00AM - 9:00AM.

Unfortunately, I am not in a position to contact our telecomm guys, but
things look like have returned to normal.


>From address@hidden Thu Jul  3 11:05:48 2003

Our system, Mistral, also  had the LDM process die last night and while it
does not feed other systems, it decodes data for our use.

I will be on vaction starting now, back Monday.