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20030630: IDD model data request from dontpanic to thelma

>From: Unidata Support <address@hidden>
>Organization: Unidata Program Center/UCAR
>Keywords: 200306101450.h5AEorLd025759 IDD LDM-6

Hi Karen,

On June 10 you wrote the following about dontpanic.nssl.noaa.gov feeding
model data from thelma.ucar.edu:

>>During my testing 
>>phase (1-2 weeks) I would like to have data for both machines if this is 
>>possible.  Once everything is working on the new machine and I get all 
>>the LDM users within NSSL to switch over, I will go back to a single 
>>data feed.

And I replied:

>OK.  During the testing period, leave quox feeding from thelma and
>setup dontpanic from emo.  When you are confident that things are working
>correctly, we will change the allows on thelma from quox to dontpanic.

The LDM log files on thelma indicate that dontpanic has been attempting
to feed from thelma since Friday, June 13; this is causing a lot of log
file entries.  At the same time, dontpanic continues to feed the same data
from emo.unidata.ucar.edu.

Are you now ready for dontpanic to take over from quox?

- if yes, we will restart the LDM on thelma at the end of the day today
  so that dontpanic will be allowed, and we will remove the allow from
  emo's ldmd.conf file

- if no, please comment out dontpanic's ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf request line 
  to thelma and stop and restart its LDM

Thanks in advance...

Tom Yoksas