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20030613: LSU throttling HDS feed to ULM?


>Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 16:55:47 -0500
>From: Robert Leche <address@hidden>
>Organization: Louisiana State University
>To: Steve Emmerson <address@hidden>
>Subject: Re: 20030613: LSU throttling HDS feed to ULM?

The above message contained the following:

> Steve, speaking of graphs, The referenced graphs are produced with
> MRTG.  You can search google for the web site if you are not already
> using it. &nbsp;Properly set up, MRTG will produce web enabled graphs
> of any function. We are producing graphs of many different functions
> to aid in system analysis including the ping times and the lan traffic
> graphs. I have for some time wanted to interface LDM's log stats
> information to a series of graphs. The graphs would indicate some
> number of products per hour, per product. Having this kind of base
> line would be useful in pointing out missing data, zeroing in on a
> product type.  One part missing to enable this is a script|program
> that parses matched lines from the stats file. Returning the field
> that represents the quantity of products.&nbsp; Each hour a&nbsp;
> ~ldm/logs/yyymmddhh.stat files for a certain product is searched. A
> cron operation would control this. If I/you had a way to parse the
> stats files for a product type we/I could graph the number of products
> processed per hour per product. This information would be usefull in
> trouble shooting the problem you are working with now. I started on
> a routine to interface LDM's log status files to MRTG but have not
> finished. If you want to have a look it and see if there is value in
> this, please go ahead. <br>

I'll pass this on to Steve Chiswell, who's responsible for the real-time
IDD/LDM statistics at


> #!/bin/csh<br>
> #<br>
> # Warning! This is little more than pseudo code.<br>
> #<br>
> # we have less than 2 arguments. Print the help text:<br>
> if [ $# -lt 2 ] ; then<br>
> cat &lt;&lt;HELP<br>
> Get_Product_Count&nbsp; -- Parse LDM log.stat file for a range of product 
> types
> and its&nbsp; quantity<br>
> &nbsp;<br>
> USAGE:&nbsp;Get_Product_Count &nbsp; LDMProductType<br>
> &nbsp;<br>
> HELP<br>
> &nbsp; exit 0<br>
> fi<br>
> <br>
> # Returns current info, Will need last hour info<br>
> set yy=`date +%Y`<br>
> set mon=`date +%m`<br>
> set day=`date +%d`<br>
> set hr=`date +%h`<br>
> #<br>
> # Read and Parse a LDM log file looking for a selected product type then
> the assocated number of products.<br>
> # &nbsp;Input: /usr/locoal/ldm/logs/yyyymmddhh.stats files<br>
> # &nbsp; &nbsp;<br>
> # &nbsp;Output: Returns an integer that repersents the number of products 
> processed
> for a selected type.<br>
> #<br>
> #&nbsp;<br>
> # &nbsp;For a full range of LDM feed types see: .......<br>
> # The acceptable product types are:<br>
> #&nbsp; PPS, 
> #<br>
> if&nbsp; [ -e /usr/local/ldm/logs/$yy$mon$day$hr.stat ]; then<br>
> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;/usr/local/scripts/Ldm_Product_Stat 
> &nbsp;/usr/local/ldm/logs/$yy$mon$day$hr.stats<br>
> fi<br>
> <br>
> <br>
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Steve Emmerson