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something wrong with LDM on usgodae3.fnmoc.navy.mil?


There appears to be something wrong with the Unidata LDM system on host

    $ uname -n
    $ ldmping -vl- -i0 usgodae3.fnmoc.navy.mil
    Jun 13 19:39:07      State    Elapsed Port   Remote_Host           rpc_stat
    Jun 13 19:39:17 SVC_UNAVAIL   9.997789    0   usgodae3.fnmoc.navy.mil  
h_clnt_create(usgodae3.fnmoc.navy.mil): Timed out while creating connection

According to our records, no IDD site has received any data from
usgodae3 since May 30.

Is there a problem?  Can we help?

Steve Emmerson
LDM Developer