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20030519: Brockport LDM server feed request changes (cont.) (fwd)

>From: Tom McDermott <address@hidden>
>Organization: SUNY Brockport
>Keywords: 200305152244.h4FMi6Ld003975 LDM hostname feed request

Hi Tom,

>Just a couple of points:

re: occasionally after a disconnect, the server would not
continue to try to reconnect to Cornell, usually with the HDS feed.

>Actually, that is not quite correct.  Although not our problem, it does
>affect us (and a lot of other sites as well).

Interestingly, the first indication we got about a machine running
LDM-6.0.[01] not being tenacious enough about reconnecting was at UQAM,
and that was in its feed requests to vortex.esc.

>The ldm server on
>'striker.atmos.albany.edu', which is the source machine for the NLDN feed,
>has been regularly crashing about once or twice a week ever since ldm6 was
>installed on that server.  Don't know if it is related or just
>coincidence, but it wasn't doing this before.

We have had no reports from SUNY Albany about problems running the
LDM-6.0.1[01] on striker, so your report of a regular crash on it is
news to us.

re: feeding from atm

>There is one problem with the feed from atm.geo.nsf.gov .  Although I am
>'ALLOWed' for the U.Wisc. DIFAX feed from that server, it appears that
>they are not REQUESTing the DIFAX feed from Wisconsin, as notifyme reports
>nothing coming in for that feedtype.

You are correct, atm was not requesting DIFAX.  It is now.