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20030514: request for a small modification to ldmadmin on vortex

>From: Unidata User Support <address@hidden>
>Organization: Unidata Program Center/UCAR
>Keywords: 200305121843.h4CIhU7U016942 LDM IDD rtstats

Hi Tom,

We have a small request for modifications to the LDM setup at

- set the $hostname value in ldmadmin to vortex.weather.brockport.edu

We want you to set $hostname in ~ldm/bin/ldmadmin since your feed
machine is known either as vortex.esc.brockport.edu or as
vortex.weather.brockport.edu and is not used consistently in the IDD.
Since forward and reverse name lookup are consistent for
vortex.weather.brockport.edu, we feel that it is better for your
machine to be identified this way for real time statistics reporting.

If the result of a 'uname -n' on vortex results in vortex.esc.brockport.edu,
you need to set $hostname in ~ldm/bin/ldmadmin.  If, on the other hand,
the result of a 'uname -n' on vortex is vortex.weather.brockport.edu, then
it is likely that you already set $hostname in ~ldm/bin/ldmadmin to
vortex.esc.brockport.edu.  In this case, it would be better to return
the hostname section of ldmadmin back to its original form:

# The fully-qualified domain-name of the computer system.  If you have to set
# this manually, then do the following:
#     1) Replace "your.hostname.here" in the following commented-out statement
#        with the fully-qualified domain-name of the computer system;
#     2) Uncomment-out the same line by removing the leading hash (#) character;
#        and
#     3) Comment-out the "chop" line by inserting a leading hash (#) character.
chop($hostname = `uname -n`);
# $hostname = "your.hostname.here";

If there is anything we can do to assist in the name change, or
if you have any questions about the change, please let us know.

Thanks in advance...

Tom Yoksas

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