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20030514: Changes at LSU; upgrade to LDM-6 (cont.)

>From: Robert Leche <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200304221716.h3MHGT7U004306 IDD LDM rtstats

Hi Bob,

>Wanted to let you guys know Sirocco is now running ldm-6.0.11 on a Redhat
>7.3 machine.

Excellent!  I see that it is reporting real time statistics:


and the latencies are low as expected.

>As soon as I can, I will need to upgrade the following ldm hosts:
>Mistral.srcc.lsu.edu IRIX 6.5.9
>Datoo.srcc.lsu.edu (NOAA port) SunOS
>Seistan.srcc.lsu.edu RH7.2
>Hurricane.srcc.lsu.edu RH7.3

Sounds very good.  Thanks!

>All the above will be source installs with the exception of the SunOS machine
>as it does not have compiler

I have put together a Solaris x86 5.7 LDM-6.0.11 binary release for your
use on datoo.  You can find it in the pub/binary/sunos_5.7-i86pc 
directory of anonymous FTP on our FTP server, ftp.unidata.ucar.edu:

/home/ftp/pub/binary/sunos_5.7-i86pc% ls -alt ldm-6.0.11.tar.Z
-rw-rw-r--   1 ldm      ustaff      1338418 May 14 13:27 ldm-6.0.11.tar.Z

This binary release should be installed as follows:

<login to datoo as 'ldm'>

cd ~ldm
ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
  <user> anonymous
  <pass> address@hidden
  cd pub/binary/sunos_5.7-i86pc
  get ldm-6.0.11.tar.Z

zcat ldm-6.0.11.tar.Z | tar xvf -
rm ldm-6.0.11.tar.Z

cd ldm-6.0.11/bin

su                                     <- enter whatever password is needed
chown root rpc.ldmd
chown root hupsyslog
chmod u+srwx,g+rx,o+rx rpc.ldmd
chmod u+srwx,g+rx,o+rx hupsyslog

Finally, you will need to reconcile the entries in the current ldmadmin
script (~ldm/bin/ldmadmin) and the 6.0.11 one (~ldm/ldm-6.0.11/bin);
change the runtime link to point at the 6.0.11 installation; remake the
LDM queue if needed; and start the new LDM:

1) if the result of a 'uname -n' on datoo yields 'datoo.srcc.lsu.edu'
   then you do _NOT_ need to adjust $hostname in ~ldm/ldm-6.0.11/bin.
   If 'uname -n' on datoo does _NOT_ yield 'datoo.srcc.lsu.edu', then
   you need to set $hostname in ~ldm/ldm-6.0.11/bin:


chop($hostname = `uname -n`);
# $hostname = "your.hostname.here";


# chop($hostname = `uname -n`);
$hostname = "datoo.srcc.lsu.edu";

2) change the LDM queue size to match the one currently in use:


$pq_size = 400000000;


$pq_size = 2000000000;    <- for example; use what is in use now

3) change the number of log files to match the number currently in use, but
   we suggest using 14 log files:


$numlogs = 4;


$numlogs = 14;

4) shut down the current ldm and change the runtime link:

cd ~ldm
ldmadmin stop
rm runtime
ln -s ldm-6.0.11 runtime

5) if the LDM queue on datoo is one created with an LDM-5 that is older
   than 5.1.3, you will have to delete it and remake a new one:
ldmadmin delqueue
ldmadmin mkqueue            <- can take some time, so you will have to wait

6) add real time statistics reporting to ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf:

exec    "rtstats -h rtstats.unidata.ucar.edu"

   This should be the last 'exec' line in ldmd.conf.

7) start the new LDM

ldmadmin start

Assuming that there are no typos in ldmd.conf, LDM-6.0.11 should start
and begin ingesting and feeding data.  If you run into problems, you
can always do an 'ldmadmin stop', change the runtime link back to
the LDM version that was working, delete and remake the queue if
had to do this in step 5), and restart the old LDM.